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Monisha Dharmarj

Construction Technician

Monisha Dharmaraj is a skilled Construction Technician specializing in Structural Engineering with a strong focus on field inspections, client interactions, and collaborative design processes. Monisha holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, providing her with a solid foundation in structural principles and construction practices. She furthered her knowledge by completing specialized coursework in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Construction Project Management, equipping her with the skills necessary to efficiently manage construction projects from inception to completion. In her current role as a Construction Technician, Monisha undertakes field inspections to assess structural integrity, ensuring compliance with design specifications, safety standards, and local regulations. Her keen attention to detail allows her to identify potential issues and provide timely recommendations for rectification. With two years of practical experience in architectural designing and drafting, Monisha brings unique blend of technical expertise and hands-on construction knowledge to her work. Her expertise and attention to detail make her a valuable asset in ensuring structural integrity and delivering successful construction projects.

888-974-6286 ext 2

Monisha Dharmarj
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