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Structural Design


Structural Design Process:


  • File Opened

  • Estimate signed.

  • Retainer fee paid.

  • Work Scheduled


Design Phases

  • Vertical Load Design including beams and columns

  • Lateral Load design/consideration

  • Component Design


Design Review

After the design works have been put all together, it will be reviewed by the senior engineer to make sure nothing is missed, and all is compliance with the BCBC 2018 and local by laws. If the senior engineer sees any non-compliance issues it will be returned to the designers to amend such.


Final Review and Approval

After thoroughly checked by the senior engineer or the changes (if any) have been amended, it will be reviewed and checked by the Responsible Registrant (RR) making sure all the company standards are met and all is compliant with the BCBC 2018. The design will be approved and stamped.


Design Completion

The final stage of the structural process. We put a package containing the stamped drawing, Schedule B, and our Proof of insurance to be sent to the client so they can apply for their construction permit.

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