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Kyle Gomke, P.Eng

Principal Engineer for Civil Department

Kyle started his engineering career in 2001 after joining the Aeronautical Engineering Technology at SAIT in Calgary Alberta where he developed a passion for mechanical engineering, and skiing at Sunshine Village. In 2003 he moved to Edmonton to work on the structural maintenance program for the Canadian Forces CC130 Hercules Aircraft Fleet which provided valuable experience in the technical side of asset management. But the alure of a civil engineering degree was too much to pass by so in 2005 he went to Saskatoon and the University of Saskatchewan. After 5 years of late-night assignments, snowmobiling through the prairies and drinking plenty of beer, he moved back west to Edmonton to work with former Spar Aerospace colleagues on developing engineering software to support the CC130 Fleet. Working as an Analysist and Project Manager at Awarebase Ltd provided experience working with professionals with different backgrounds and a great appreciation for the value that diversity brings to a company.

Gaining an opportunity to move into civil engineering consulting, in 2011 Kyle moved to Canmore Alberta to work for McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. Drawing from his entire engineering background and education, there was an opportunity to work on both mechanical and civil engineering projects including ski lift installations and modifications, zip lines, subdivision development, multi-use paths, grading and stormwater engineering. Living in the mountains also developed a deep love of outdoor pursuits in addition to downhill skiing such as ski touring, Nordic skiing, cycling, mountain biking, scrambling, hiking and trail running. Beyond engineering, running became and remains the focus in a very active lifestyle. In 2016 the City of Kamloops called, and Kyle decided to move from consulting into municipal engineering in the BC Interior. Learning how municipalities work, what information approving officers need to make decisions and how Cities grow and maintain their civil infrastructure are valuable skills that a land development engineer can use to help solve their client’s problems.

Moving back to civil engineering consulting at Octo Engineering Inc brings exciting new opportunities for growth in leadership, business development as well as engineering. If Kyle isn’t working on engineering projects, he’s likely out trail running in one of Kamloops many nature parks.


Kyle Gomke, P.Eng
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