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Rosewyndaluz Aboran-Wilson

VP - Administration and Finance

Before she moved to Canada to reunite with her husband Scott Wilson, Rosie was a Registered Physiotherapist, Educator, Entrepreneur and Women’s Wellness Advocate Overseas. She started her career as a Medical Professional in the Philippines. She holds a bachelor’s degree In Physiotherapy and studied Master of Public Health (MPH). She worked as a Licensed Physiotherapist and Clinical Educator in one of the medical institutions in the Philippines from 2004-2012.

After 8 years in the profession, she decided to try something entirely different by making a bold move from the medical field to entrepreneurship knowing that medical professionals have a great deal to offer in the business world. Her first official “scrub to suit” endeavor was joining one of the country’s largest personal and skin care industries in February 2012 based in Metro Manila as an Independent Business Contractor allowing her to run her own franchise store in the Northern Region. This journey was incredibly rewarding to her as an entrepreneur.

In mid 2015, she ventured with another personal care company in Metro Manila as a Shareholder and Member of The Board of Directors where she was appointed as the Vice- President and General Manager a year after. She held the position from 2016 until she moved to Canada in 2020.She still holds a seat in the company’s Board of Directors. During her transition period in Canada, Rosie has been taking certified online courses in Business Ethics and Management.

Her passion coupled by more than a decade experiences in the corporate jungle strengthen her understanding and handling of business complexities, the different characters in the workplace as well as office politics. As the VP for Administration and Finance of Octo Engineering Inc., she thrives to embody leading with empathy while ensuring that the company outlives the founder.

Rosie strongly believes that entrepreneurs don’t just build companies, they solve people’s problems and add value to the world . To her business is not rocket science, you don’t need MBA or any business-related courses under your belt to succeed because the classroom and the real world are not the same. In the real world of business it is crucial to have character, purpose and a lot of common sense. Everything else is secondary.


Rosewyndaluz Aboran-Wilson
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