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ATL (Advanced Treatment Leach field)


Advanced Treatment Leach field by Infiltrator is a passive advanced leach field treatment system designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional stone and pipe drain fields.

The ATL system is a sand-lined treatment and dispersal leach field system. The Infiltrator drain field is a popular choice because of its lightweight, easy-to-install design.

Made of durable, injection molded plastic, this drain field offers excellent filtration and can handle high volumes of wastewater.

The infiltration design is also more environmentally friendly than traditional gravel-based systems. However, this system may not be the best choice for areas with high water tables, as it can become overwhelmed.

Upon entering the system, septic tank effluent progresses through each component listed below.

  1. 4" diameter pipe

  2. Large-diameter synthetic aggregate

  3. Fine geotextile

  4. Small-diameter synthetic aggregate

  5. Coarse geotextile

  6. 6" thick system sand

Upon exiting the system sand, the treated effluent enters the underlying native soil.

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