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Environment Impact Assesment

At Octo Engineering Inc., it is essential to take the effects of human activity on the environment into account when pursuing development and advancement in the Cariboo.


With a focus on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Remediation, Octo Engineering provides solutions that strike a compromise between the Cariboo’s societal demands and the preservation of our natural surroundings. Our Planning and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) teams are skilled in managing difficulties involved in obtaining environmental licenses, permits, and approvals. We provide strategic guidance and support at every stage of the project lifecycle, whether it be for new venture investments, upkeep of current infrastructure, or responsible facility closures.


Octo Engineering Inc.’s planning and EIA teams are committed to helping projects obtain the Cariboo’s environmental clearances by negotiating the complex regulatory environment. Throughout the entire project lifespan, we offer full assistance, from strategic advising to construction monitoring. We maintain compliance with local regulatory frameworks and international standards while reducing our environmental impact.

Octo Engineering Inc. examines the Cariboo’s social and environmental aspects of projects using a diverse team of professionals which includes economists, sociologists, engineers, and scientists. Delivering beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders is our goal, achieved via comprehensive evaluations and stakeholder engagement.

Octo Engineering Inc. remains ahead of the curve by utilizing digital technology such as augmented reality and incorporating climate change issues. Our dedication to strategic planning, public consultation, and stakeholder participation guarantees that the Cariboo’s projects not only satisfy legal criteria but also gain social approval.

A wide range of environmental services are provided by Octo Engineering, such as ecological risk assessment, air quality monitoring, contaminant treatment, and site evaluations. Our goal is to protect the Cariboo’s environment and exceed customer expectations with an emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency.

At Octo Engineering, we optimize the environmental impact assessment procedure by utilizing state-of-the-art digital techniques and technology. By means of cooperative digital solutions, such augmented reality and geographic information systems (GIS), we enable our clients in the Cariboo to make knowledgeable decisions that preserve both regulatory compliance and environmental integrity.

Aerial Assesment

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