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Gurpreet Singh

Assistant Geotechnical Designer / Soil Lab Supervisor

Gurpreet Singh is a committed and skilled Transportation Engineer who graduated from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, Assam, with a master's degree in Transportation Systems Engineering. Gurpreet has successfully managed projects for more than ten years, and he is an expert in creating and maintaining roads and highways. His areas of specialty are engineering design, budgeting, and creating creative solutions with a strong desire to solve problems. Gurpreet has expertise in traffic analysis, surveying, infrastructure planning, and construction management in addition to cost estimation, quality control, and construction management. With an emphasis on sustainable transportation solutions, he has a depth of experience in traffic control management and urban transportation policy. In his current position at Octo Engineering Inc. Gurpreet works as a geotechnical engineering assistant and soil laboratory Supervisor specializing in geohazards and environmental remediation. His responsibilities include overseeing the design process, modulation, and simulation geohazards such as steep slopes, rock fall shadow area, flood mapping overseeing ground laboratory operations, and ensuring the safety and integrity of infrastructure projects.

Gurpreet's professional journey includes distinguished roles in renowned organizations such as Inderjit Contractors and Promoters Ltd., TATA Consulting Engineers Limited and STC Pvt. Ltd. During his tenure, he oversaw the design and construction of major road projects, implemented effective traffic management systems, and conducted thorough inspections to ensure safety standards were met.

Through various software tools such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, MS Project, GIS and Road Eng, Gurpreet has extensive experience in leveraging technology to improve design efficiency and accuracy. His practical experience in CAD design, 3D modeling and designing complex products has helped to achieve successful results in infrastructure projects.

Gurpreet's commitment to excellence is evident in his attention to detail, meticulous data collection and precision in his calculations. He works seamlessly with project managers, architects, and engineers to understand project requirements and deliver solutions that exceed expectations. Gurpreet focuses on innovation and road safety and is committed to promoting the development of sustainable transport networks and infrastructure.

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Gurpreet Singh
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